We help improve diversity in tech teams, companies and events.

Jeneo founder and CEO: Charlotte Jee

Charlotte is a journalist with over five years' experience covering tech, politics, the pharma sector, and government. In her current role she is editor of Techworld.

She has contributed to New Statesman, Radio Four and the Spectator podcast, and has a keen personal interest in improving the way tech companies design for mental health.

Charlotte regularly provides training for tech PR firms on how to work with journalists and has done a range of speaking gigs, including at Web Summit, the Insitute for Government and GeekGirl.

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'We asked for help to ensure a more diverse panel. Charlotte was friendly, efficient and helped us to secure a new panel member within just a day or so. We were very happy with Jeneo's services and would recommend them to any tech event organisers.' - Chris Farthing, managing director

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